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Welcome to Reflex Symmetry –
Reflex Symmetry Bodywork

Is a new concept of therapeutic massage stimulus, developed to have a direct effect on the nervous system to reduce inflammation and relieve muscular tension. I incorporate a fineness touch with reflexology, and acupressure in a format, steadily focusing attention on areas not usually tended in most therapeutic massage. Where the scalp, ears, ankles, and hands, as well crevices in the bones, energy there is accumulated and creates stagnation from every angle of the body. Over time the lack of circulation becomes a struggle in the body to maintain for long periods of time before it breaks down. Medical science reminds us how inflammation is the root cause of all disease and discomfort, acute and chronic pain.

To understand this process one must equate the nerves with being a vast electrical body, where energy builds up in the nerve points and creates painful issues. Giving whole body stimulus for proper circulation to be restored is the only real solution in order to correct itself.

To have an effect on the nervous system, reflex symmetry redefines how brain and body chemistry affect muscular tension. Most direct tissue massage is often short-lived, as a result of inflammation remaining in the body. To go directly into muscular pressure will only have a reverse effect on nerve points already sensitive. Every stimulus has an effect and the body feels the confusion around this huge missed error. And thus, where pain issues are concerned, an unfortunate detriment takes place as result of naive mishaps of regular massage therapy.

After the first treatment, clients report much improvement, outside any pain issues, they feel lighter with a sense of vibrancy. After the second follow-up treatment, the report back is even better. Restoration of our nervous system takes the best effect and rejuvenates in sleeping hours, similar to recovering from common illness.

Individual Massage Sessions

  • 60 Minutes
    Relaxing Style
  • 75 Minutes
  • 90 Minutes
  • 2 hours
    Moderate to advanced therapeutic massage.
A 90 minute session is usually needed on first time clients, with pain issues.

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Reflex Symmetry – First-Aid and first signs of illness

As a friend was getting out of her car she incidentally left her finger in the door smashing it just enough to scream! Knowing of my work she was glad to let me give pressure to her opposite side of her extremities in several areas. Within literally minutes the pain was non-existent! When energy in the body is weakened for any reason such as stress and exhaustion our nerve endings immediately start to block on the opposite side. This is where energy trauma must be calmed from the overall shock so that balanced energy flow will strengthen the downward spiral of energy.
Recently, I was hired for a couple’s massage at their home. While setting up for the massage, I noticed the women were coughing. When I asked her about it, she said that a cough had started in the last hour. I informed her about how reflexology could most likely stop a cough since it had just started. She was intrigued! I massaged the top of her hand as well as pressing her lymph nodes on her neck, she felt immediate improvement to comfortable continue the treatment on the table. Reflex Symmetry works equally well in the early stage of a sore throat, as well first-aid treatment; because massaging these areas allows your immune system and inflammation reduction to fight back before symptoms strengthen and takes firm hold in the body.

A New Perspective

Reflex points within the scalp and the ears, for example, correspond on a physical level, but more important; is how our brain symmetry connects to the heart. That can help us understand the effects of massage in a whole new perception.

Regarding the heart and brain: Author and Scientist, Greg Branden, tells us that in 1991 there was a discovery that surprised a lot of scientists about the human heart. It showed that in our heart there are about 40,000 specialized cells there, that are like the brain called “sensory neurites” and can be referred to as the “little brain”, They think, feel, and memorize, independently of the brain and head. When these two organs are combined into a single potent neuron network. Will allow the nervous system to welcome new ways for extraordinary events and healing possibilities to make a difference in people’s lives.

From personal experience my hands and fingertips, a similar connection whereby neuroplasticity in the brain also works to positively respond to first-time massage stimulus and body movements. To link massage and reflexology together; be it to self-heal with self-massage or every given massage received- will restore the nervous system to best resolve long-standing bodily issues.

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What customers say about Abel’s work

Discovered Abel randomly when looking for a masseuse to help with what felt like sciatic pain a week before a half-marathon.  He is so much more than a masseuse – he’s a healer who has an intuitive approach to bringing balance to your body, relieving pain, and he’s great with communicating what and why he’s doing what he does.  I left my massage session pain free and will definitely go back again.  Truly unlike any other massage treatment I’ve ever had.

MaureenBerkeley, CA 5.0 Star Rating 04/21/2016
Abel made a huge difference for me. I was starting my second trimester of pregnancy and had a ton of back pain. Abel worked magic! He helped my back pain heal and made me relax. I plan on using Abel though out my pregnancy to feel great.
Lauren Wiener

My experience with Abel, was amazing, I consider him a true healer! He made me feel comfortable in a beautiful warm place of Grace. I was able to let go of many trapped energies of past traumas. I feel no other massage person has been able to blend so many cultural techniques into one healing process. I look forward to my monthly sessions. Abel is Kind, gentle and wonderful with a perfect touch.

David H.10/12/2015

Abel is a caring and intuitive body-worker who, in just one session, relieved a very painful condition in my back. He has a deep understanding of how the body works, and a skillful way of working.

Thacher H.08/20/2015

Abel is more than a masseuse, he is a brilliant, intuitive body-worker! If you have chronic pain or just aches and pains, Abel can help you out. He relaxes and opens your muscles while giving you a massage – effectively balancing your body physically as well as energetically. I have been going to him consistently for several weeks and I could feel the difference in my body after the first time. I highly recommend Abel.

Claudia A.5.0 Star Rating 07/01/2015

Abel’s treatment has been the best solution to my chronic back pain that I have experienced as of yet.

He told me that it make take two nights of rest for his work to kick in, but I was already experiencing relief after the first night. After the second night, I felt better than I had in months!

My back pain has been persistent and often debilitating but Abel’s technique, as well as his knowledge of the body’s natural balance, has given me hope that I can get better. I highly recommend Abel – not only for his treatment but also for the knowledge that he provides.

Aaron P.5.0 Star Rating 06/25/2015

Recently I had an appointment with Abel at the Forma Gym spa. This was my first experience with Reflex Symmetry and he came highly recommended. Abel knows what he’s doing, he’s kind and asked the right questions. I don’t know how it works, but IT WORKS! I asked him to help me with body aches and a heavy heart from grief and worry. Over the next few days, after our session, I followed his advice and am so much better for having seen him. He certainly helped me and I look forward to going again. It is a massage and a healing experience, a positive and enjoyable session with a very caring person. And he made me laugh. Thank you!

Catherine B.Forma Gym, Walnut Creek 02/24/2015

I recently started regular massage therapy with Abel, and am truly amazed and appreciative of his healing arts. Abel is an incredibly mindful practitioner, with a unique set of skills and techniques. I have had regular bodywork done for years, but I’ve never had such a thorough “healing” process. The result of Abel’s emphasis on nerves as well as muscles is an energized and relaxed balance. It’s fabulous. I also see great benefit from his use of stones to stimulate nerves and reflexes. His treatments are the first I’ve experienced with this method, and I see significant improvement in my energy already. I highly recommend Abel.

DeborahOakland 12/05/2014

I’ve had two of the best massages of my life at Onzen, both by master masseur Abel. I found him to be immensely intuitive and skilled. I also appreciated his calm, confident demeanor, which put me at ease immediately and enabled me to relax completely. I’ve had countless massages by practitioners in the U.S. and abroad, and I’ve never encountered anyone more talented than Abel. I recommend him most highly.

Sybil W.Berkeley, CA 10/17/2014

I have known Abel for about 10 years but this is the first time in 8 years I got a full massage from him at his studio.  The location is great and pretty quiet.  Abel created his unique style of bodywork through his 30 plus years of knowledge and experience, his technique, intuition and understanding of human physical system making my session to be very effective and healing.  I feel many parts of body that I ignored for a long time are back to life and the energies are flowing again.  Thanks Abel.

Pi-Te Jau Hua P.Emeryville, CA 10/27/2016

I am a mathematics major at UC Berkeley, and to manage pre-exam anxiety I usually get a massage per recommendation of one of my professors. Not only did Abel’s work have a very calming effect, it also rejuvenated and energized my mind to help me really fly through my final exam! He knows exactly what he is doing. This is no cookie cutter massage, he has an intuition for the work he does that is rarely found.

I ended up with an A+ in the class, thank you Abel!!!!

Julia C.

Abel is one of the most educated people I’ve ever met for personal wellness. I came to him having multiple issues many of which ranged from poor footwear choice and stress issues. He taught me in just a couple sessions how to listen closer to ones body and respect the pain in your most important contact to the world, your feet, seriously. I highly recommend his services to anyone who wants to become better connected with their body and better understand how to respect and respond to the pain they are enduring on a daily basis.

Charles B.San Diego, CA - 2/7/2017

In Home Service

Abel is Now Available on Soothe

Abel represents Soothe Massage in the Bay area. He is able to reach people he ordinarily wouldn’t, here are a few Testimonials of many 5 star reviews.

At first glance, Abel is eccentric. Beyond that, he is a knowledgeable, skilled, and impactful massage therapist. I could never have expected such a thorough, well done massage on my first time using Soothe. I just feel like I got lucky – his philosophies about bodywork and the importance of attending to the nervous system is such a sophisticated approach to massage that I wouldn’t hesitate for a moment to have him come back for another treatment.


Thank you so much, I’ve never had such a wonderful massage


Amazing work! Knows where to go and what the body needs to relieve pain, even discomfort that I did not specify as they had been years of discomfort has been relieved!


He’s quirky, but he really knew what he was doing. Unlike any therapist I’ve ever had.


Abel was incredible – his unique style was exactly what I needed for my mind and body.


He was amazing! Worked out a bad kink in my neck and left me feeling like a new person. Will definitely request him again!


Abel’s talent is unmatched. His practice is centered around releasing stagnant energy, as he calls it, so be prepared for a release of stress and negativity. Loved this massage!


Excellent- would like to re-book


Very talented – awesome


Quite possibly my best massage ever…. the combination of reflexology, acupressure, and other methods had true results and helped me sleep sound. Thanks!!


His style was different. And he was good


I loved this guy! He was passionate about his work and worked my body in ways that have never been done before. He is innovative and knowledgeable. Good personality. I will book him again!


Abel took his time and demonstrated genuine care in his approach. His
technique is unique and effective.


Best massage I’ve ever had


He is amazing


Fantastic! Abel really knew his stuff and is passionate about it!


Wow! Abel takes massage to a whole new level. I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to have fallen on him! A therapist like this one brings a lot of value to the soothe network. Thank you!


Abel, I feel like a new person! Our second session together was just as customized and mind-blowing as the first. Thank you for listening to me and applying your knowledge and experience in a refreshing and effective way. You helped me with wrist/ankle issues that no other therapists have been able to work. Your presence, empathy, professionalism, technique, energy, and communication were all 5 Star. Thank you for going above and beyond!

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