Self MassageMale Self MassageSelf Massage is one of life’s biggest secrets that can make a difference when we come from a sincere motivation to heal our own body with massage. Our society in America was not raised to heed the call of massage from early childhood like the country of India, where it is performed from the beginning of life.

I suggest to people if they are interested in learning this phenomenal self gift, to pick up a book called Body Reflexology, by “Mildred Carter.” Her work can inspire a person to be their own healer, that can initiate healthy new beginnings toward a new self healing perspective.

I teach the value of feeling connected to their own bodily response, within the nervous system where quick change happens. When your fingers are guided by a heartfelt connection within the body. Self-Massage can be the best way to re-establish a new sense of empowerment to feel connected to your body. Bodily inspiration begins with your intuition and is key to a healthy relationship within and without.